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Components of a Medical Order

  What is a medical order? Who is legally authorized to give an order to a nurse? How many and what types of medical orders exist? What are the components of a Medical Order?  

Should imports to the United States

  Discussion 2.1 Should imports to the United States be curtailed by, say 20 percent to eliminate our trade deficit? What might happen if this were done? Discussion 2.2 Is growth a good thing for all firms? How does management know when a firm is ready to grow?...

Bottled And Municipal Water

  Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of drinking bottled water compared to municipal water. Present three examples of municipal drinking water that was found to be unsafe for consumption. Who regulates bottled water and municipal water and how stringent are...

Benefits of 3D-4D in fetal echocardiography

    Write a research topic about the benefits of 3D-4D in fetal echocardiography. Include Advancements in Prenatal Imaging Technology, Clinical Significance and Impact on Patient Care,Advancements in Importance in Obstetric and Pediatric Fields, and add more....


  Many people are very nervous about speaking in public, but this is not true for everyone. Some are comfortable presenting to a large crowd but are concerned about how to speak up appropriately in a meeting with peers or their boss. In this Discussion, you will share...
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