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Maternity: Post-Partum Self-Debriefing

    https://de.ryerson.ca/games/nursing/maternity/postpartum/game/#/ The scene opens with a report for a post-partum patient. After reviewing the report, you provided nursing care for Betty and Cameron in the post-partum unit. Reflecting on this virtual gaming...

Design a short backup plan for a network.

Research and design a short backup plan for a network. Your plan should include a basic draft of what data should be included with the backup, as well as the schedule for the backup. The plan should address what kind of backups are done on what days. At the end of...

PPP over HDLC in a WAN

Discuss ONE of the Following Topics: Why would you use PPP over HDLC in a WAN? What are the different WAN connection types? Discuss the major distinctions between a WAN and LAN.  


        Respond to a peer’s post…the response post should be thought provoking and be at least 150 words. LaKeisha’s Post: Sight/Seeing is one of the best gifts given to us. You are able to capture moments and memories that will live on past the people in...

Auto Reflexion

  Compose a self-reflection on why it is important to understand the different types of economies in the social work profession. Consider the relationship between the state, the market and organizations in the creation of social policies and how different economic...
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