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Annals of Innovation

Paper instructions:
Content of the 1-page summary – 4 components
Summarize and comment on the reading in one single-spaced page as follows:
1.  Summarize the big idea or main point(s) of the reading in a paragraph (or two) – what the reading is about and why it is important – in general overview – the big picture.

2.  Then list your top 10 most important specific ideas or points that support and explain the major idea as a set of bullet points. List them as short sentences or phrases long enough to be complete and understood. Don’t repeat the overall summary (item 1) – support it!

3.  Finally, in a paragraph or two at the end, summarize both:
(a) the relevance of the reading to this course (BUS 349), and
(b) the relevance of the reading to yourself in your daily life (as applicable – give a concrete example of something in your past or current experience).

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