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Here is the direct link to the textbook:
Description: The Question is: With reference to the syllabus attached, critically evaluate its appropriacy for the learners for whom it was designed. Draw on your
reading and experience to support your discussion. You should include these subtitles in the research paper: I. Introduction (1 page): a. The situation of
EFL teaching materials in Saudi Arabia. b. The importance of evaluating EFL teaching materials. II. Critical Review of Literature: a. TEFL in Saudi Arabia (1
page), 1) The educational policy for teaching English 2) The curriculum of teaching English at the secondary level. b. Recent studies on the Evaluation of
the appropricay of EFL Syllabuses to learners (2 pages) III. Discussion: It includes an introductory description of the textbook, context, and the learners
to whom it is designed. (half a page) (( To be informed, teaching English in Saudi Arabia starts from the fourth grade. In each year, learners have to
learn two books in average of four lessons each week. This textbook is the 13th of this series designed for the first secondary grade. )) It should also
include discussion of the following subtitles: 1. Learnersé age and needs (1 and a half pages): Questions to consider, a¢ Is the content of the syllabus
appropriate to the psychological characteristics of the learners? a¢ Are the individual differences in abilities, interests, and level of intelligence catered
for both in terms of texts/activities presented in this syllabus? a¢ Are the goals or purposes stated in this textbook meet the learnersa needs? 2. EFL
goals and context (1 and a half pages): Questions to consider, a¢ Is the content of the syllabus appropriate to their maturity and language
development? a¢ Does the content of the textbook fulfill the Saudi EFL goals and purposes? 3. Saudi Culture (1 and a half page): Questions to consider,
a¢ Are the social and religious dimensions catered for both in terms of topics / situations presented in this syllabus? a¢ Is the cultural environment
reflected in this syllabus? 4. Essential elements in modern syllabuses (1 page): Questions to consider, a¢ Does the syllabus use authentic material and
real life situations to promote learnersa motivation? a¢ Does the material develop learner autonomy and independent learning? IV. Conclusion (half a
page) V. Recommendations (half a page) VI. References. Important Points: You need to, ” Support your points/arguments with reference to your
reading. ” Paraphrase and donat use quotations. ” Use only references that are available online for free as full text (pdf). ” Write page number of
references for all paraphrased sentences (Smith, 2012: 11). ” Bring examples, illustrations and pictures from the attached textbook as evidence
throughout discussion. ” Use APA style on font, layout and cover page. ” Language used should be academic, yet simple.


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