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· What does Adichie mean by a “single story”? What examples does she give? Why does she believe “single stories” are dangerous?

· Later in Adichie’s story, we learn how other people view her. How do those views differ from how she describes herself? Is there a single story that others often use to define you? Can you think of other examples of “single stories” that may be part of your own worldview? Where do those “single stories” come from? How can we find a “balance of stories”?

· Adichie herself admits to sometimes defining others with a single story. Why is it that people sometimes make the same mistakes that they so easily see others making?

· What single story have you believed? What have you done to consider alternative views?


· Why is it important to challenge single stories?

· How does this topic relate to the concept of comparison/contrast? (Or to put it another way, why do you think I had you watch the video as part of this particular module?)

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