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A role model is someone who behaves in a way that inspires you to imitate the behavior. Perhaps someone’s way of giving feedback is so sensitive you are inspired to adopt the method as your own. For instance, someone’s business attire seems perfectly suited to the occasion and exudes an attractive or powerful statement, and you wish to dress in a similar manner.

Describe your role model at work, including a particular aspect in that person’s behavior that inspires you.

Explain exactly what the person does or says to inspire you to the point of emulation.

Then, analyze a scenario in which this person has changed the organization positively because of the characteristic you admire. How is the organization a better place because of the presence of your role model?

How can you change your personal behavior to be similar? How would your career be enhanced?

Conclude your post with a three or four sentence summary of the most important point, lesson or takeaways from your research and analysis for your initial post.

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